Artwork Requirements

Artwork Guidelines

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   Submit your artwork to your account executive. Please include your order number and company name in the subject line.


  We accept files created on PC or MAC.


   Adobe Illustrator (v. Creative Cloud or Earlier)

   (.ai, .eps) Remember to convert all text to outlines. Do not embed raster images in vector files. For art to be considered acceptable, all elements must be in vector format. 

   Adobe Photoshop (v. CS4 or Earlier)

   (.tif, .eps, .pdf) All Photoshop Artwork should be created in channels with each spot color assigned to a separate channel. Artwork created in layers is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Any placed images must be at least 300dpi at their exact print size. Anti-aliasing should not be applied to your photoshop document. 


  Internet / Web Images (.jpg, .gif, .wmf, .png, etc)

   Adobe Pagemaker (.pm)

   Adobe Indesign (.idd)

   Quark Express (.qxd)

   Microsoft Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt), Publisher (.pub), Word (.doc), or any word processing programs.

   When we ask for an illustrator file, do not "place" the jpg into illustrator and expect that to be good. It must be a native "vector" illustrator document.


   We accept the following Media: DVD, CD, Zip 100

   Camera Ready / Hard Copy Artwork

   Camera ready artwork is acceptable as long as it is sharp, high contrast artwork that does not contain screens/halftones and can be scanned without further preparation or changes. All artwork should be color separated and registered to size. Precise details as to color, crop marks, and placement should be noted. Camera ready art IS NOT paper laser prints, photocopies, hand sketches, imprinted merchandise, stationary, or business cards. Faxed artwork IS NOT acceptable. It must be to size and complete with no screens. Please do not trap any multicolored imprints. If trapping or under basing is necessary, our art department will make the adjustments. Artwork is not returned unless requested when order is placed. 

   The Following Will Be Charged At Our Normal Hourly Rate

   Preflight Charges

   Preflight will be charged on all new orders that have supplied vector art. In order to comply with preflight, art must be completely vectorized and typeset. This one time charge of $15.00 will be applied so that our art department can open your file and make sure it complies with our stated regulations. Our graphic artists will then size the art, change the colors, send a proof and prepare for production. This is a standard charge that is applied to all new designs.

   Standart Art Charges

   Our standard rate is $60 per hour with 1/4 hour minimum for all new designs. Additional cost may be incurred if your art needs adjustment. Art charges are a service charge only and do not transfer title to the customer. Artwork is not returned unless requested when order is placed. 

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